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 MTW Research - Commonwealth Games Construction & Refurbishment Market UK 2007 - 2014

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MTW Research are a publisher of high quality, market research reports in the UK DIY, Building & Construction, Business to Business and Home Improvement products markets. 

MArket Research Reports for the UK DIY, Building Products and Construction IndustryOur reports are researched, written and compiled by experienced and qualified marketing professionals, who have experience both in terms of undertaking detailed market research in these sectors and operating marketing departments within other research companies. 

MTW Research have recently announced the brand new, first edition of the Commonwealth Games Construction & Refurbishment Market 2007-2014 Report, reviewing the planned capital expenditure, construction and refurbishment of Venues, Hotels and Transport Infrastructure linked to the successful bid by Glasgow to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games.  Details of this report are provided below, which include an executive summary, free sample of the market report to download, a list of charts, list of building contractors, architects and specifiers mentioned in the report and a table of contents.  For more information on this, or any other current or forthcoming market report from MTW Research, e-mail us at

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Commonwealth Games Construction & Refurbishment Market Report 2007-2014


On the 9th November 2007, the Commonwealth Games Federation announced that Scotland would host the 20th Commonwealth Games in 2014.  Scotland’s largest city of Glasgow successfully won the right to host the ‘friendly games’, following in Edinburgh’s footsteps which hosted the Games in 1986 and Manchester in 2002. 

Within the definition of this report, more than 2.9 billion will be invested in the area between 2007 and 2014, reflecting a substantial and sustained key target market for companies involved in the building and construction industry. 

Commonwealth Games Construction & Refurbishment

Capital Expenditure 2007 - 2014


 house building market in the UK 2002 to 2007 with market forecasrts to 2012.  Housing research market statistics split by occupier type.

Total expenditure on venues, hotels and transport infrastructure either directly or indirectly linked to the Commonwealth Games will reach just under 3 billion by 2014, with the market forecast to peak in 2010 at around 525 million, reflecting a substantial target market for building product suppliers and contractors.

Following this fast growth period, new build and refurbishment activity will slow to some extent as new build development projects are completed.  However, works on temporary venues and facilities should ensure that construction and RMI activity will remain reasonably strong until the Games in mid 2014. 

Spending on transport infrastructure which will impact on the Commonwealth Games, represents a substantial proportion of the market value over the period under review.  The second largest sector is that of the new build and RMI (repair, maintenance and improvement) of venues which will be used for the Games, with peak construction likely to take place during 2010, before slowing to some extent in 2009.  In total, around 500 million is forecast to be spent on this sector in the next 6-7 years. 

The hotels sector, both in terms of new build and RMI activity is also likely to be a key driver of construction activity in the Glasgow region in the medium to longer term, with more than 420 million likely to be spent on building and refurbishing hotels.  Peak activity is likely to be around 2010, though substantial ongoing investments by a number of private companies are likely to smooth out the peaks which are likely to be experienced in other sectors

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This 30+ Chart Report Includes:-

        Commonwealth Games Annual Capital Expenditure 2007-2014 Forecast.

        Overview of the 2014 Commonwealth Games – Venues, Funding, Policies etc.

        RMI & New Build Capital Budgets by Venue – Venues, Hotels, Transport.

        Brief Profile of Each Key Venue Project – Timescales, Location Map & Budgets.

        Glasgow Hotel Construction & Refurbishment Market Size & Trends 2007-2014.

        Brief Profile & Key Financials of Key Building Contractors Likely to be Involved.

        Financial Overview & Profile of Key Architects & Consultants Likely to be Involved

        Project Dates & Key Specification & Procurement Issues – Key policies etc. 

With 60+ Pages & 30+ Charts, this report provides an easy to reference, accurate overview of the 3 Billion Construction & Refurbishment Market linked to the Commonwealth Games to be held in Glasgow in 2014.  The report represents an invaluable marketing aid to any manufacturer, contractor or distributor supplying to this sector.  

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